Monday, July 12, 2010

See Bill run. Run, Bill, run!

From the book Never Forget To Laugh, about A Course In Miracles scribe Bill Thetford, page 246. During a spiritual event, somebody:
"... suggested that they each hugged the person next to them. Bill tried to run..."

Funny. It's good for me to hear that Bill had as little time for "huggy-feeliness" as I do.

I don't care for enforced lovingness (note the "enforced" part there). Near thirty years ago, I visited a group of artists/spiritualists. I showed them some photos, including this one of my mom.

One of the women was exactly the tie-dye, huggy-feely kinda person... She looked at it and said: "She looks rather displeased, doesn't she". You know, in the spirit of: "why look so sour, the world would be so much nicer if everybody would be happy, or at least take care to look it".
Later this woman played guitar and sang one of her own songs. She looked me deep in the eyes while singing stuff like "congratulations to you, because you are you"...

A genuinely happy person does not need to "sell" happiness, and he/she has no investment in whether others are happy or not.

I think the basic idea is similar to "The Secret" the movie: if you take care to think only nice thoughts, your life will become nice. It won't happen. In fact, I think this attitude may block you for a long time from facing the horrendousness of the Thought Line which underlies  this world. As Jed McKenna points out: you have to somehow go through the natural depression that comes from seeing this ugly truth, before you can arrive at the other side to see that it was not actually truth, in fact it does not exist at all, thus it can't affect you.

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