Wednesday, October 23, 2013

People do make it

The path can seem long and hard, sometimes you can wonder if anybody really makes it to the end. So it’s good to hear of people who make it. I have a friend in New York, he’s been an enthusiastic friend for years. And he has often been in the worst trouble.
Today he wrote this to me.

I had started on wanting only God a few years back; what is very recent is my "seeing" that there's no "me," only God.  Man, what a  blast!  It's like while I'm doing it, there's really no "self," other than Him!  I feel no pain - hardly any physical sensations whatsoever - my mind slows down to an almost total stillness, and the peace, joy, gladness, and sense of well-being are enormous, that's something that in my over 41 years on the path, I had had only glances of!  The beauty of it is that I can extend that to almost all of my complete day now.  I am, as a result, much more tolerant, loving, forgiving, etc.  It's truly amazing!  (And most humbling!)  (And to think that this could have always been mine!)

Love, Angelo

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Politeness is healing

There are ways of treating others in which ONLY consistent courtesy, even in very little things, is offered. This is a very healing habit to acquire.
- ACIM Urtext, unpublished (page 71)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gary Renard returns

The eagerly awaited third book from Gary Renard is here: Love Has Forgotten No One.

While the how-to-get-home stuff is the meat, I admit I'm looking forward to the hinted-at trips between lives and maybe even on other planets.
Anyway, I've read a bit so far, and it has already given me some deep things to think about. For example:

Many people focus too much on the Illusion. That leaves them feeling empty and depressed. You should focuse more on Reality (Source/God). 

Gary's books, especially The Disappearance of The Universe, have shaken my world. I guess we can't know ultimate truth until we are ultimate beings, but that book rang deeper with truth than anything I'd read for over twenty years.