Wednesday, August 16, 2017

About Understanding

Some sages, including A Course In Miracles, say that understanding things will not help you to reach the Light.

Well, I think that understanding is essential on the human level. For the quality of human living. But ACIM also says that understanding will not help you, when it comes to get past the ego. I think it's also from the Course: "Studying the darkness will not help you get to the Light" or such words. I think near the end there will be people who pass Up without having made hardly any gains in understanding.

All there is to Understand are things with forms and limits and separation, and all those things are non-existing. Also all there is to *do* the understanding is a mind, and a mind has structure and form and such, I think... The Light/consciousness does not have form or structure, or limits.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Letting go of a friendship

Let go of a friend...

 I think of of the hard lessons to learn in life is to let got of relationships. Friendships, etc.

 The Ego/Id/lizardbrain teaches us that growth is continuing expansion. Which means of course that if you "lose" a friend, you have failed.

 But we all grow and change, and sometimes this means that we no longer fit into each others' lives in the way we were were used to. We find new horizons and new learnings, and that can sometimes mean that we have to let go of older friendships, so they don't hold us back.

 This can be painful, sadly.