Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"Proof of Heaven"

I don't even have to look it up to know that Eben Alexander's book "Proof of Heaven" has created a lot of Joy, and a lot of controversy. That just happens whenever you make statements in the area, or near, religion.

It's a tale about what a top neurosurgeon experienced during week his body was in deep coma and his brain complete non-functional.

I'm about 60% through, and I find it's an excellent book. And the first half is actually a real thriller story. (Though I'm actually a bit queasy about stories about illness.) And the parts about his experiences in the spiritual realms are dazzling. I don't think one has to believe they are true, or the only truth, to enjoy them.

I was thinking a couple days about, in A Course In Miracles:
"There is no world. This is the central message of the Course."

... I realized that this is possibly the most important and profound sentence anywhere. The single most important thing about *anything*, much less a universe, must be "does it exist?"

This book does not go there, it assumes the reality of the world. ... But ACIM is, hah, "terminal". It has the End message. And on the way, many, many other messages and beliefs are helpful. And Proof of Heaven has a lot of them, very good ones.