Monday, June 18, 2018


A little while ago I met a woman who’d put up a store in town with spiritual things. She did Reiki and Tarot readings, and sold books and crystal balls and such. (I said “did” because the store closed soon.)
She is really quite bright, and highly perceptive.
I signed up for a course studying some of those things, with a group of other customers. If nothing else it was a good way of getting out and meeting more people. And it was fun. Although I did not have much talent for most of it.

But I’m realising that it really does not have much at all to do with real Spirituality. Spirit is not fortune telling or contacting ghosts. Spirit is outside the universe. You have spirit once you have fully contacted your emotional reasons for hanging onto this illusory world.

What is normally seen as “spirituality”, just like religion, science, and most other things, is simply just one more way of trying to control this chaotic world we find ourselves in. It is not really a way towards Awakening or Liberation.

Also, I found that most of the people who were there were just terrified of... everything. Ghosts, evil influences, etc. Even the teacher, who was clearly quite powerful, spent half her time protecting herself against all kinds of things. If she forgot, apparently she got badly hurt by ghosts and such all the time, even physically. Fear, fear, fear, always ruling this dream.

By the way, it’s not that I don’t think it’s real. The Oija board clearly worked. We got clear answers from some of the presences, and there was no way any of us could have controlled the glass.

Wild waters

I think some of us are not happy unless we are swimming always by the most direct route we can, even if the sea gets so wild we are almost drowning.