Saturday, July 3, 2010

All is good

I was watching the so far very interesting United States of Tara, and saw a picture of a typical MySpace page, you know, loud, colorful, confusing. And I just changed viewpoint and saw that from say, a teenager's viewpoint the kinds of communications and web pages that *I* prefer might just be boring. Dusty. Dry.

And for some reason I connected this with my dominating viewpoint for god knows how long, that this universe is a Horrific, Painful Trap.
I've been aware for a while that upon Enlightenment, one might change viewpoint on this and see the universe as a "big happy puppy just eager to please you" as Jed McKenna puts it. But... it had never really come across to me that this invalidated my other viewpoint as being real in any way. I just "knew" that  that is what the universe "really" is. False and a mistake, but a very bad and undesirable one.

But I see now that this isn't so at all. It simple "is". Or more precisely, it isn't. And so any idea and emotion you can have about it is as valid as any other.

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