Sunday, July 4, 2010

A lot of work...

Sometimes I have watched a very good English TV program called Grand Designs, about people, usually couples, who are building an unusual home in some way. Sometimes these people have ambitions waaaay beyond their bank account, so they do most of the actual labor themselves, like renovating a huge building which is really just a rotten shell, and through 18 months of back-breaking labor in all their free hours, they make it into a beautiful home. (And often spectacularly designed too.)

Which is all cool and so on. But I've been thinking "my god, what a lot of work, I couldn't do that". But now I just realized: that work is nothing compared to the work of Waking Up. The mental sweat and effort I have put into it in the past ten years alone feels like building a city.

The thing of course is that a house only lasts a few hundred years at best. When you're awake, it's an accomplishment literally for eternity. (Not to mention is real.)

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