Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Julie sez it

"In the past few months there have been several times when I was overcome by a happiness so intense that I literally felt that it might be more than I could bear. I've never known any happiness that could compare with this and I don't see how any happiness could. It feels like it could kill me and I wouldn't care if it did. I see now, Jed, what you *didn't* say in your book and I see why you didn't. There's a reality to this that you didn't go into and now that I know it, I know why. There's the place where all the paradoxes disappear and where no questions remain, but there's no point in trying to describe this place. You gave the one perfect answer to all the seemingly unanswerable questions: Come see for yourself. I'm here now. I see it now. It was right there all the time. It looks like the price of truth is everything, but it's not. How could I not have known? The price of truth is nothing."

- Julie in Jed McKenna's book Spiritually Incorrect Enlightenment, pages 279-280

I am happy that this little passage made it into Jed McKenna's second book. Because I think actually while McKenna's books are unique and excellent, they can be so depressing because (unlike The Disappearance Of The Universe) they might give the overall impression that the long and hard journey is *not worth it*. It's pretty much only in Julie's (rare) real life story of awakening that we see in the end that it *is* worth it, that there *is* some place to go to, that the goal is not Nothing.
In the end of the book we also meet Julie (meeting Jed) after she is done, and it is beautiful to see how much is has affected her, unlike the seemingly jaded Jed. (Joyful Julie and Jaded Jed.)

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