Friday, August 26, 2011

What we fear

What is it we fear the most?
Symbolised most often by death.
What do the three greatest monsters, Dracula, The Mummy, and Frankenstein's Creature all have in common? They are all dead! They are walking death.

We fear that apart from Source we don't exist. And it's a particularly hard thought to face up to, because it's true!

Of course the truer truth beneath that one is that not apart from Source, we DO exist, and it's a much better life. No comparison.


Laurie said...

I feel like what we fear is really the FEAR of dying, like, the feeling of suffocating, losing air.

everything else seems like an idea, a concept. I.e. *not existing* -- what exactly IS that? we have no idea .... or the term *death* --- what exactly IS that? I think the human being fears the physical pain of being snuffed out, and beyond that, who is there to be afraid?

That said, the chief bogeymen of concepts, I believe, is *death" and all its off-shoots, like fear, terror, sickness, poverty, violence, war, etc. It's pretty amazing what Maya does with this idea, like, make really cool Monsters in our minds, such as Satan, Dracula, Werewolfs, Hannibal Lecter, and more solid ones like Hitler, Charles Manson, or the Norwegian guy.

Look how we love to scare ourselves!

:) L.


eolake said...

Yes, I believe that things like horror movies and literature are artists working with the HS to use aesthetics (love) to help us look at our fears, and thus drain them. It's what we don't look at which we really fear, and that's also what controls us.

Laurie said...

Ha Ha Ha! that's awesome.


Laurie said...

If we could learn to relax in the spiritual dissonance, the strange
in-between states where there is no handhold, foothold, mind-hold or spirit-hold . . . . learn to relax in the "stranger in a strange land" feeling . . . . things would go better. Also, there are cycles of strangeness, unfamiliarity, where we feel suspended between worlds... these states are completely normal, and signs of moving forward into Spirit . . . . I myself am learning and have learned to breathe deeply through the strangest and loneliest of landscapes, yet kept walking.
The light DOES shine eventually, and we wonder how we every could have doubted or feared. Great compassion for self in the meantime.


eolake said...

Couldn't agree more.

J, the master of understatements, says in the Course that there is "a period of disorientation" for many when you change your mind from the World/ego to Source. Damn yeah!

But the love and peace beyond it, worth it a million times.