Sunday, August 7, 2011

A short overview

One might say that there is Source (god), who is infinite and One.

And then there is an illusional mind, which has deluded itself into thinking it is separate from Source. This of course is *intensely* traumatic, which has necessitated the further illusion of Time to deal with it bit by bit.

A further dealing mechanism is that the Big Mind, in order to further communication (which is symbolic of contact with Source) has split itself (still illusions) into billions of “mini-Me’s”, separate little consciousnesses, which battle out the conflicts of life, all symbolic of the main one, the apparent separation from god/Source. So we are all illusionary characters in one big dream.

One wake-up step is becoming aware that you are One Mind with everybody else. Another and later and ultimate is the Big Mind giving up the separate illusory existence and becoming one with Source. (Like it’s been all the time.)

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