Thursday, August 4, 2011

Aliens, conspiracies, and whatnot

Years ago I was for a period interested in humankind’s developments, possible aliens, conspiracies and all that. But now I more believe that The Universe is a dream, and that includes *everything*, including "higher levels", what happens in other dimensions or between lifetimes, whatever, it’s all a dream. And as such, what happens in the dream takes second place (a distant one even) to just the fact of realizing it’s a dream, and on waking up from it, to reality.

There *is* a reality outside the Universe, but since it is not within space or time, or limited (defined) by them, it can’t be understood by human minds.
It can partly be perceived. People who occasionally have flashes of light in the peripheral vision, may have started on that road. The light is a symbol of Reality, or Home. (Which is One.)

For what to do to help along the awakening process, I recommend the book The Disappearance Of The Universe.

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