Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hyper-active minds

I’m reading a book called Introvert Power. Amongst other things, the author observes (with clinical evidence) that the minds and brains of introverts are more active than those of extroverts. Which is why introverts tend to get over-stimulated when going out, or being in busy places, or otherwise being emotionally "aroused" as the psychs call it.

The more progress I make, and the more I learn, the easier it is for me to process mental phenomena, ideas, and energy. And this, for me, means that the mind is becoming more and more active, so far. And I've become more and more introvert, needing less and less stimulation to start the mind going. The issue is more often to stop it going, or even slow it down!

I'm wondering by the way, for an individual: is becoming a Totally Clear Channel (for energy processing) and Having All The Energy Processed, All Done, two different phenomena which occur at two different times? (If so, I guess the latter happens first, and I'd guess the second would happen not long after, in the same lifetime.) I think we should know much more about these things. Who's in charge!?!

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