Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Late eighties and unity experiences

From The Translucent Revolution (2005) page 31:
"All over the world, from every imaginable background and system of belief, people report the trance of separation being broken. For the majority, this radical awakening has occurred within the last fifteen years."

That's what I've always been saying, something happened in the late eighties. It definitely did to me, and I've heard it from so many sides also.
And so it's one of the small things which puzzles me about D.U.: Arten and Pursah's claim that the reason more people are waking up is just that ACIM is here, nothing more.
If you look around, there's overwhelming evidence that big numbers of people have "unity experiences" (as I call them, I don't think it's a generally used term), and that most of them have never heard of ACIM.

Of course, maybe A and P were only talking about the final product, full awakening, no "guilt" or ego left at all, final lifetime. And it's clear that most people (including certainly me) who have these experiences have quite a ways to go before that.
But even so it seems to me that there's something going on which goes far beyond what the blue book is causing.

And actually the book itself more than hints at something like this, see here. It is clear that from a universal perspective, these are End Times, and it's playing itself out in myriad ways.


Chris Cade said...

It's definitely not ACIM-specific, as you pointed out. Even ACIM says it is just one of many paths leading to the same place... so while I know this awakening is not attributable to ACIM-only, I am grateful that ACIM is among those paths available to people.

I feel we truly are reaching the Age of Enlightenment. The internet is enabling rapid transformation all across the globe, and even more importantly, providing people that opportunity to feel oneness and unity with people they would have never met otherwise.

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eolake said...

Yeah. And A&P also say that the world now can understand ACIM, they couldn't have 2000 years ago. So clearly something is changing.