Saturday, August 9, 2008

One of the awakened guys in Everyday Enlightenment speaks to me particularly. He says for example that his awakening was gradual, he didn't have the big sudden one like some have. He says:

"I think I was too mental for that. I'm a very mental person. I'm a very, very bright guy with an incredibly powerful mind, which I worked on for years. I made it. It was a deliberate effort to turn it into a powerful weapon. It's pretty hard to deal with once you've got it. It wants to run the show all the time. It's super powerful, and having constructed the "Death Star" (Star Wars metaphor) you can't deconstruct it that quickly. You've got to wear it out a bit. That was one reason why it was a slower process, more of a dissolving rather than being able to leave it behind like that.

"The mind is very helpful. The mind is a good thing in its place. Being identified with the mind is horrible. It's a state of imprisonment."

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