Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Forgiving excitement

I think Excitement is about as big a trap as fear or anger.
It is also a contributing cause to depression.

I find I can forgive it, just like fear or anger.

Main thing is to remember to do it, because by its nature, when you're excited, you are caught up in the illusion and may not notice your state.

Periodically stop up for brief or longer periods, relax and remind yourself that the excitement and what you are excited about does not exist.

It also help to deliberately relax. Breathe very deeply, and take twice as long to breathe out. This sends a signal to the nervous system which relaxes the body.

And while breathing out, visualize the excitement radiate away from you like heat, draining.

A little wrinkle I sometimes add personally: when breathing in I fold up my arms and hands against my body, and when breathing out (longer) I let them unfold like a flower opening. It helps with visualizing the tension energy softening and flowing away.


Oliver said...

Dear Eolake,
Excitement has been a big trap in my life as well.
Thanks for the post and your breathing suggestion,

eolake said...

Thank you very much.