Friday, May 9, 2008

End of a journey

"You have reached the end of an ancient journey, not realizing yet that it is over. You are still worn and tired, and the desert's dust still seems to cloud your eyes and keep you sightless."
ACIM chapter 18

... That's another section which resonates powerfully for me. I had a mystical awakening about 20 years ago, and one of the things which kept returning to me in various guises over the years has been a strong subjective perception that we are done. That anything seemingly left to solve is just the dust settling.

One of the visions I had a few years ago of this idea was a great, shining crystal arrow sitting in a target. The arrow had been fired from the other side of the universe and from the other end of time, and the aim was perfect and it was all done.

Another vision I had was of a swimmer who has crossed an entire ocean. He is in the breakwater, and actually he is already crawling on the sand under eight inches of water, but he is not sure he can feel it with his numb and cold limbs.

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