Friday, May 23, 2008

D.U. and the male/Western Ego

Why is The Disappearance Of The Universe drawing in a 50% male crowd, when spiritual events usually are attended by 80% women?

My guess is that the book embodies a certain "male ego" quality which spiritualism usually doesn't. I have it a lot myself. It's also a Western quality. It is "I'm the master of my own life, dammit."

Gary even says it directly in the book, when A&P tells him he is going to write a book. He says "I'm glad you think you know my future, but I'll be the one who decides what I'm going to do." (Or words to that effect.)

It's a good quality in the world of form, as you can see in the Western world, where the male ego has raised living standards way above what's typical in the Eastern world.

But ultimately it's an Ego quality, it's part of what keeps us separate from others.

Most spirituality does not reach people who are in that mind-set. We get the hives from the sweetness-and-light quality and the "surrender yourself" attitude.

Which is why D.U. is so brilliant. It clearly outlines a compromise-free metaphysical spiritual philosophy which makes it clear that ultimately you will have to give up individual existence, but it does so while maintaining an edgy attitude and language which the male/Western person can appreciate. The rock-and-roll orientation. The dry humor. The smart-ass comments. Gotta love it.

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