Saturday, May 10, 2008

Is Guilt energy

I am often struck by the apparently quite mechanical quality of spiritual progress, and the necessity that it takes time. I am wondering if the "Guilt", while obviously illusory like the rest of the universe, is an actual energy. A quantity. If it's mechanical rather than conceptual. If it was just conceptual, one should be able to change one mind instantly. So it seems to me there has to be a mechanical change which has to happen over time. "Erasing" energy bit by bit by stopping believing in it and stopping fighting it. Or some such.


marian said...

Guilt is a quality of energy for sure, just like all thought and thought-complexes are qualities of energy, and everything that appears to be manifest is a frequency (most likely the wrong word) of energy. But it's important to remember that the whole kit-and-kaboodle doesn't exist outside of the source from which the dream is originating.

I find it very helpful to get the sense essence of mind-states in that way--to feel their texture as a way of recognizing and working with them. They also become less emotional when viewed that way.

The more time I spend in meditation the more I start to sense that thought is physical in the same sense that a table is physical, only to a different degree, and that none of it is actually "there" in a solid way.

And that the mind, or what KW would call the decision maker, is existing separate from the whole show but without containing any particular sense of self. The sense of self seems to be a component of the arising and subsiding of all the "stuff." A mistaken interpretation, if you will.

The fact that it seems to take time is purely because we ourselves are not ready. It doesn't take any time at all--I don't have the exact quote from ACIM at my fingertips--but it's our refusal to believe that we are worthy of love that creates the time it takes.

You can see why I don't join discussion groups!

eolake said...

No kidding. :)
I think you're addicted to Thinking, like myself. I don't think I've stopped for one second my entire life.

You have many good points here.
There is a method of healing called EmoTrance (transforming emotions). You look at a pain as energy, and then convinces it to warm up and start flowing, and let it flow through the channel it wants.
It works very well.
Advanced forgiveness, though, often works much faster. Or just realizing it does not exist.