Saturday, July 5, 2008

Creating "evil"

A few years before finding ACIM, I had a "vision". (I saw it more as a perception, because it was not visited upon me, I looked for it.) Of how the concept of "evil" or "wrong" was created.

In the very early days of Time, before there really was a World, the Holy Spirit, or at least a very inspired (in spirit) indidual, was more or less the only one to see that Something Was Wrong. Because practically nobody could see it, and thus didn't do anything or communicated, the "lie" of Evil was created.

I saw it as just little black dots outside ourselves. The dot just symbolizes something that is outside. And as soon as it it outside, you can see it. And then you can blame it, and call it Evil. And since then has been a lengthy process of communication, which has solidified a universe and concepts like good and evil, heaven and hell.

And now we have arrived at the point where Evil is very clear to everybody, there is awareness that Something Is Wrong, just witness the Holocaust and 9/11.

So the next step is waking up to the fact that the Problem is actually not Outside ourselves, that is just a little projection we put out there.

This was inspired by part of this observant post on the "Choose Again" blog.


marian said...

Well said. I think you might enjoy reading some Bernadette Roberts, in particular her description of how all consciousness is self-consciousness (perception) in that it is the nature of consciousness to bend over on itself and become aware of itself without necessarily recognizing or understanding that it is not seeing an "other."

I'm probably not describing her thoughts very well, but what you are saying reminds me of it.

eolake said...

I started on Bernadette's first book recently, but I found it hard to understand.

marian said...

I never read her first book, but from what I understand, the one to read (in terms of accessibility) is her most recent... What is Self?

That's the one I started with, and it was rough going, but I soon found myself in familiar territory. I didn't finish it, but stopped when I got to the last part, which was too far for me, at this point.