Thursday, July 31, 2008

Symbolism and hard or soft energy

Again with Buffy The Vampire Slayer... I have now finished re-watching all seven seasons (144 episodes of 40 minutes each!), and it's just excellent.

In the very last episode, there are two incidents which especially resonate with me. One is about a vampire who used to be the epitome of evil and sadism, who has slowly turned himself around and is redeeming himself. At the end he has gotten a magic amulet, which lets him, deep underground, blast through to the sunlight high above and gather it in himself and redistribute it to blast away hundreds of attaching vampires who are threatening mankind. And of course it kills himself in the end, in burning agony. That burning force is a powerful symbol of the effect The Light has on persons or situations which are deeply enmeshed in The Ego. It's good, but painful. It burns stuff away.

And on a higher level, a similar thing happens. A powerful good witch, who has had trouble controlling her power in the past and staying on the side of Good, uses her power and a magic talisman to gather and pass on a great power for good to many people around the world who need it. And she is cleansed and uplifted in the process, saying after the energy rush something like: "Wow, that was cool!!"

Both feel very familiar to me, regarding when I connect to Source and sometimes pass it on. At the lower levels and mostly in the past, it's a good, but painful and burning force. At the higher levels and mostly now, it's an uplifting and cleansing power which exhilarates.

I think early on in the Journey, the energy of the Guilt and the Ego is hard as rock and it does not break up peacefully. But as you progress, it warms up and starts melting away instead of breaking up, and the process becomes much more pleasant. The light coming through  the dark… I think it’s “Burning" when the energy is still pretty tight. When it’s loose, it more of an orgiastic experience, like good sex on a higher level.

When I was a kid, I found some substance, pitch, which looked like black glass, very hard. But when I held it in my hands for a while, it would warm up and become malleable. And if I'd warmed it up more, it would have become liquid, and ultimately gaseous.


Anonymous said...

Dear Eolake,
I like your analogy of ego and guilt being hard as a rock and then melting away. It makes me think of a song line by David Bowie: " Snow man melting from the inside ".

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Big Bowie fan me.

Thank you very much.