Thursday, July 24, 2008

Being spiritual

I got a comment to one of the ACIM videos I have posted on YouTube:

"The whole world is being taken into Satan's greatest last day deception--spiritualism. The Bible reveals how God reveals information to prophets, and He certainly doesn't do it by dictating to some atheist what He wants the human race to know..."

I find it interesting that this person seems to claim that God or Jesus would only ever speak to somebody who is already a believer/Christian. I think this goes very much contrary to what we know about Jesus. He talked to everybody, whores, thieves, tax men, everybody.

Also I find the claim interesting that spirituality is contrary to God's plan. To me that's like saying that eating is contrary to getting fed. It was pretty late in my life that I was shocked to realize that many Christians are not spiritual at all. They don't believe in the spirit! Many of them believe that Heaven will appear on Earth and the physical bodies will resurrect. I don't know what they think will re-animate the bodies if not a spiritual force. A Frankenstein machine?
(Even more incredibly, many believe that Jesus will appear as a warrior and slay the sinners and the unbelievers before Heaven appears for the worthy. This just goes so opposite to everything Jesus said that it leaves one speechless.)

Obviously this is no condemnation of Christians in general. Like Pursah says, in any religion there are highly spiritual people, and people who are rocks.

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