Saturday, November 17, 2012

The soul of the Warrior?

I've been wondering for a while about how when you meet or see a warrior type person, somebody who believes war is necessary, and participates in it with gusto, often this person seems like a good person, a very likeable person. And he often is.

I think as spiritual people, most of whom are pacifists, we must learn to not see warriors as enemies, or as anything opposed to us or our ideals. Because that's the whole point: nothing is opposed to anything, it's an illusion.

I've come to see warriors as immature rather than "bad". And not even immature as humans, most of them keep their predilections to their old age. But "immature" in the development of a spirit. And not even very immature, because to be able to see the whole universe in peaceful terms despite all the seeming evidence this illusory world gives against it, is only something which comes to us very near the end of our long, long journey from the beginning of this Universe to our final release.

By condemning the warriors, we are not doing anything to help the world, we are just adding to the conflict, the conflict which is only in our mind, and which can only be removed by us taking it down bit by bit from inside, personally.


Graham said...

Interesting article. Is it possible though that the warriors are "likeable" because they get rid of their aggressive energy through their support for war, whereas the peaceniks don't get the chance to do that?

It calls to mind the people who live with alcoholics and who say, "he's such a nice person until he gets drunk." Yes, because he uses his drunken spells to get rid of his "unnice" feelings and so they don't bother hom (or anyyone else) when he's sober.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I wouldn't be surprised.