Saturday, November 3, 2012

"Project One"

I got a perception today which I’ve had a couple times before in the recent couple of years:
That the current sacrifices to my social and my artistic life are trivial, that I’m working on a ginormeous project which takes unprecedented levels of effort and concentration. But which will be worth it many times over.
A project of "undoing the barriers to love".

The difference is seeing it not as “life improvement” or therapy, or seeking or whatnot, but in a strange way prosaically as “a project”. Although it can only be seen as such a thing (a limited thing, relatively) from a superhuman perspective, from a Higher Mind perspective. (Which of course is why I only realize it occasionally.)

I’m not even sure what scale we are talking about here. A half-lifetime project? A ten-lifetimes project? A project which started pretty much with Time itself? I guess that doesn’t really matter to me the human, and for the Higher mind it’s well under control.

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TC [Girl] said...

A project of "undoing the barriers to love."

Sounds good. Good luck in your pursuit. :-)