Sunday, November 11, 2012

No longer our enemy

"No longer is the world our enemy, for we have chosen that we be its Friend." 

I repeat this, because it more and more seems a central teaching to me. The whole solution, in one sentence.

Over 25 years ago, looong before I found non-dualism and A Course In Miracles, I wrote a book, which was an odd sort of philosophical fiction. A certain market failure from a very green writer, but it contained many interesting bits, because it was written purely on intuition, almost, not long after my biggest spiritual breakthrough up til then. (I had no idea what had happened for many years, but I've come to believe that I had a split-second perception of Oneness, of Source itself. It was so short because I was a long way from being ready for that, and Fear closed it but quick.)

A character in my manuscript was writing a book himself, and the main character in his book had as his stated goal: "to be friends with everybody in the Universe".

That's obviously impossible on a practical level, but on a spiritual level, for oneself and god, it's eminently possible, and in fact it's salvation. All conflict is inside you, and it all can be resolved inside you. Not all at once, but you can get there, and you gain eternity in the end.

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