Friday, September 2, 2011

Trouble is a Friend

Trouble is a Friend, music video.

And it's true. If the Dream of Life was too pleasant, we would never Think very much about it, and so never wake up.


TC [Girl] said...
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Graham said...


Interesting comment.

I really wish this wasn´t true, but it seems it is for me at least. The times I work most on myself are the times when things are going badly for me or Ive just had an upset of some kind When thighs are going well, I tend to just want to enjoy it and not do more than the minimum spiritually.

Good blog btw.

Graham said...

thighs - should have been things lol

Freudian slip there :)

eolake said...

Yeah, good thighs in the vicinity will keep you happy!

Thank you.

There was a good Superman story by Alan Moore... wait, here: