Thursday, January 6, 2011

What I believe is fact

A film I saw had a character who was very much into some movement which taught that it was not what others did to us, it was only our ideas about those things which make us upset.

And he was very busy trying to teach this to his family. They should forgive everything others had done, because their upset was only in their head.  But the remarkable thing was that when the talk was about what others had done to him, his answer was always "no, that's not belief, that's fact".

Quite funny and good observation. We all have this tendency. It's so obvious to us that what others believe is subjective, and what we believe ourself is absolute fact.


Mary Ann said...

I find that everyone seems to have their own reality. Reality of what they think/believe, reality of what they think it is and should be, reality of what their human perceptions are/seeing, and what they would like to see. Life is like a theater, the view changes according to where one is sitting, and what you see and feel changes to the view you have/don't have.

eolake said...

Well said.
It's quite possible to view life as just a show to teach you.
In fact I think it's pretty common for more aware people to sometimes get the feeling that they are the Only Real person in the world.

Which I guess is true, only not on a human level.