Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Changing beliefs takes time

A favorite hard-rock song, "N.W.O" from Ministry has a sampled quote from George Bush Sr:
"What we are looking at is good and evil, right and wrong." 
I'd guess that this was an argument for why it's right to go to war. If the "enemy" is evil and wrong, and you are good and right, then there's nothing to question about it, is there?*

And a religious man once illustrated that psychiatry is evil by pointing out that part of their goals is to eradicate the ideas of Right and Wrong.

I'm more and more coming to believe, though, that everything in the world, including Right and Wrong, is solely based on beliefs. It's hard to believe this, since our feelings about what is right or wrong are very, very deep and very, very strong.

Some people say "God hates homos". Well, do you really know this? Have you had a personal audience with God where he told you this? Are you really sure it was the God?

They'll quote the old testament to prove it. But the old testament also say that you can sell your daughter into slavery and you must not touch pig-skin, and many such things. So do you believe all it says, or are you selecting what fits with your feelings about the matter?

Now, this post is not about homos. I'm just trying to illustrate what Jed McKenna says: apart from "I think, therefore I am", there is  not a single thing or belief in life we can really be totally sure about.

One should be willing to test any and all belief and ideas one has, including "facts" like one is a human on Earth.

It is not easy though, and takes a long time, because all the beliefs are packed together with old, hard-packed emotion, which tends to blow up in one's face when one challenges a belief. That's why it takes time.

* Of course the opposing belief, that Bush (either of them) is wrong and evil, is also based solely on a belief then.

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