Monday, August 31, 2009

A super-concentrated crash course

This is from a letter I just wrote to a friend:

It started with me (Eolake) saying:
I've been doing a LOT of work in recent years with various methods regarding not getting over-emotional, because it leads to depression, anxiety, overwhelm...
And recently, all that work is really starting to pay off. I'm calmer and happier generally, and I almost never get depression or anxiety attacks anymore. It's amazing.

Awesome! Is it the EFT?

That was one thing, but I have used so many things. I find what one must do as one progresses upwards gets softer and gentler and less active, over the years. At really advanced levels one often really does not need to do anything, except observe non-judgmentally and relaxedly, and then conditions change.

I think one of the most important common denominators is learning to let energy and emotions flow (flow away, or "melt"), instead of being blocked or frozen. It's not done overnight, because we are almost all sitting in thousands of layers of old, hard-packed energy, and one can only handle one layer at a time.

I STILL haven't taken the time to look at EFT! I should listen when opportunities come to improve myself. And...WHO would I ask, right?!

I think everybody has an inner all-knowing teacher. I call it Intuition, some call it Jesus, some call it Holy Spirit, some Krishna, some Higher Self...
For some people it will seem to come more from outside, and for others, more from inside.
Learning to distinguish between the right Guiding Voice and other voices/influences is not always as easy as it sounds, and make take some learning in itself.

It seems one of our great learning paths in life is learning to let this universal force "take the wheel", and let our human egos take a back seat. The Ego hates not being in control, so it's quite a journey to learn this, but the payoffs are great, since the ego was never really in control anyway.

So. Until and if I ever write a book, this was the super-concentrated wisdom of stobblehouse. Keep it. :-)

... Well, just to throw in another mountain of learning here, another vital bit is to learn that everything Outside ourselves is a reflection of our Inner. So another long learning path is to bit by bit not blame others, or circumstances, but look inside for the Cause.

Update: One application of this I often have had much struggle applying myself, but it can be really helpful: if something really upsets you about something or somebody else, look inside you for something similar. Sometimes the similarity can be very vague, but it'll be there.
For example, Bill gets very upset when he hears somebody killed a dog. Looking inside, he discovers that he always hated dogs and tend to push them aside with his foot. See, nothing to censor really, but this is the real source of his upset, no matter what happens i The World. What upsets you in the world is a reflection, no matter how distorted, of things you'll find inside yourself.

Update: ...
But that's another lesson I'm learning slowly:
Que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be.

The universe knows what it's doing. By trying to run it, even just emotionally, I'm just wearing down my health unnecessarily.

For some people guidance will seem to come more from outside, and for others, more from inside.

...someone who is able to look at my situation from a distance and give me guidance that I had not asked for. Would that be an example of "outside"?

It may well be. Often is, I'm sure.

Also some people will have conversations with Jesus or a Guardian Angel or what have you. Some might hear words, for others it will be very abstract or conceptual.

I've had a few occasions where an answer seemed to come from such a place, but generally I'm too "macho" to accept such a position. :-)

I will sometimes lean back, try and clear my head of clutter, emotions, attachments and personal desires, and ask The Universe, "what is the best choice for The Whole", and there will always be an *instant* answer, as an idea in my head. If it's not instant, I don't trust the Source. (Sometimes I'll not like the answer, but then I say to myself, if you didn't want an answer, why did you ask?)

Now we are picking at the foundations of the most fundamental problems in the Universe, so one is not to expect a short and easy journey! :-)

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