Monday, August 31, 2009

Hate and Fear, how they relate

I think I've made a philosophical breakthrough, for me at least.

I was scanning for areas I feel emotional about to "deflate" them.
I came upon "Hate".
Immediately of course I thought I felt hate. But no, it was about the way I was feeling *about* hate.

I felt it was the most dangerous thing anywhere. The worst thing wrong with the Universe.
I asked myself how I would represent hate visually, and saw a floating, flying thing of white-hot and poisonous razor-sharp spikes, which might move super-fast and unpredictably. Scary stuff. :-)

I then thought how would I then represent Fear visually? And I saw a deeply frozen wasteland, like central Antarctica. No life, deeply frozen. Real fear is *frozen*. Paralyzed.

And I realized that Hate is Deep Fear which is only trying to reach out, to fix things! It feels something is deeply wrong, and it trying to find and destroy the thing which is wrong.

It is so frozen and in pain that it is deeply irrational, but Hate is really a huge step *up* from Deep Fear. It is the beginnings of some kind of action, an attempt to reach out. An attempt to fix things.
From outside it seems very destructive, but if you think about it, it really is very, very brave.

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laurie said...

important breakthrough.

deep deep stuff untouched by most others