Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I think one of the important lines in The Disappearance Of The Universe (a book chock-full of important lines) is when J speaks to Gary and tells him that the world must become meaningless to him.

Because 1) it is exactly what must happen to become free of it. (because it's the only correct evaluation of something which does not exist.) 2) emotionally it translates to not caring, and it's so difficult to change caring. And 3) It's a sin.

DU/ACIM is almost diametrically opposed to so much we believe as humans. One of the things is that it's a crime and a sin not to care.
"Dave died."
"I don't care."
"What? You motherf***ing asshole, what do..." blah blah blah.

But worse than judgement from others, we censor and condemn ourselves when we don't care. To be human is to care, and to be human is surely the most important thing in the world?? (Wow, what a perfect trap. The most important thing in the world is to be the very thing which entraps you!)

But I can feel caring about thousands of things flowing away from me the tide. A relief.

Often the world seems to have such beauty and love. But the thing is that the beauty of Source (life) "seeps in" through the cracks. Or it's reflected in the things in the World. And while we're on the human levels, we confuse it with the things it's reflected in.
But it's while following this "crumb trail" of reflected light that in the end we are let out of the woods and home.


Signalroom said...

Well put. That's right, imagine mentioning these things in polite public! This morning I wrote down what I have been taught and conditioned to believe "love" is:

I looked closely at each item on the list and felt how the opposite could be equally or even more true.

1. Love is involvement
2. Love is specialness
3. Love is personal
4. Love is possession
5. Love is need
6. Love cares
7. We need to care about this illusory existence, this dream
8. Things need to matter

Jesus, are we being majorly hypnotized or what??? 

Signalroom said...

Thanks goes to David Carse, author of Perfect Brilliant Stillness, for spearheading these "concepts" of love that must be looked at. David Carse had an "awakening" while trekking in the jungles of Ecuador. The idea of his that has had great impact on me, and for which I am forever grateful to him, is that "Love is not a basis for involvement." I always intuitively knew this, but who in our culture has the guts to say it?

eolake said...

That's very interesting, and I could believe it.
But why isn't it?

And if anything is, what?

laurie said...

only the Universe Itself is worthy of our total commitment. Love (the Universe Itself to use words)
demands our pure attention, not our self's involvement.

laurie said...

in other words,
all particular forms of love
here below form the basis
of involvement for the ego.
Not for us.

no"thing", nothing here now can take premier place before God, Source, or the Universe Itself in this awareness. Its all baubles.

endzone36 said...

Awesome blog mate :) I definitely experience this feeling and have called it my "disconnected, connectedness" My way thru it is by recognizing everybody's pure innocence,and the fact that the majority of the world doesn't know the untruth that they are experiencing I can be even more present,aware,non judgmental and compassionate. Whilst still not feeling like a disconnected anti -social weirdo :)

It's kind of similar to the way I observe my ego when it starts to stir with anxious thoughts or feelings - I cradle it with love. I used to think I could force it into submission - but as the course says you can't undo fear with fear - just gotta keep making a choice for the peaceful dream.

eolake said...

Thank you very much, Endzone. Glad you like the blog.