Monday, December 22, 2008


Here's a good point I just read: why shouldn't you watch for results in The World after applying Advanced Forgiveness? Because when you do, you're saying these conditions are bad and these are good... in other words judging them, and that keeps it real.

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neeraj said...

I would like to express it in a much more general way, because it is very basic:

A basic principle of every living phenomenon is, that it is a moving energy - if it doesn't move, it is dead. In chinese tradition it is expressed as "Yin-Yang principle". In short:

- "Yin" represents the female principle, an open space of possibilities, of possible movements, and

- "Yang" represents the male principle, indicating a clear-cut direction of a movement.

Of course, this is a very rough description, and of course, every living being (female or male) includes both aspects with individually different main focus.

Some implications:

- FIRST comes Yin, SECOND comes Yang! You never say "Yang-Yin" (try to speak it loud, you may choke a bit), you say always "Yin-Yang" (sounds like a smooth wave). So, the female principle is the basic assumption for the male principle to be able to move. No open space => no movement possible. (Says also a lot about the importance of women.)

- Both must be there. Like Plus and Minus in electricity: If there is no voltage, no current will happen => it is dead.

- "To focus on a certain result" is pure Yang, of course based on judging ... the less you give it free, the more any open space for any possibilities is narrowed => finally it is dead, and nothing will happen. (At least, not what you want.)

- On the other side, if you are just "fatalistic", then there may be a lot of Yin, but if there is no clear intent either, there is no Yang => it is dead, too, and whatever happens you will have simply to suffer.

- I always try to find an example out of own experiences, as simple as possible. A very common experience (I assume for you, too) is "riding a bicycle", most suitable for this - ask yourself:

"Why is it possible that I can ride my bicycle straight forward without falling down?"

After some examination you will have to answer:

"I have the clear intent to move straight forward, but really I never do this ... in any moment I'm falling to the left or to the right, and I have always to correct this by falling into the opposite direction!"

If you are experienced in riding the bicycle, you may not see it from the outside, but you know there is always a free open space for microbalancing, a Yin needed for effortlessly moving straight forward ...

If you don't allow this, if you say: "I want to go straight forward, nothing else is allowed...", which means watching for the result only, then it is like riding the bicycle within a rail of a tram line, and you know what happens ...

For beginners it is exactly this: They "want" to move forward, nothing else, and there is the fear of falling down, and not yet any feeling for and trusting of the open space, and therefore they are falling down, until they realize it - maybe not consciously, because the body has its own intelligence.