Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My new Buddha statue

I've never had any religious iconery about, or much truck with religion generally, but there was a specific Buddha statue which my parents had for lord knows what reason, which I quite liked. So I've looked for it for two years, and finally found it (I didn't like any of all the others), except bigger. My parents' version was only like six to eight inches (15-20 cm) tall, this one is 16! (40cm.) Big fellah. And it's vintage, rusty and everything, I like that.
So I bought it directly from China at a reasonable price. Apart from nobody ever answering any of my emails, it went perfectly, after a couple of weeks, I got a shipping confirmation (which didn't have any data, but from the price I could figure out what it was), and only like 4 days later I got it. I'm very pleased with it.  Here are my own photos of it.

(Click for big pics)
(Fujifilm X100 at 800 ISO)

I have a soft spot for the serenity associated with this and with the buddha, since serenity is a major goal of mine.


Anonymous said...

Very nice. Do you know the meaning of the gesture on the right hand? If you do research and find out, I'd be interested to know. I always wondered.

eolake said...

No, I can't rightly say that I know.

I have an idea that the thumb-middle finger connection helps some energy flows in meditation, but I don't even know where I got that idea from.

Anonymous said...


It's a beautiful statue - and some beautiful pics of them. Thank you for sharing these with us.

I am a "dabbler" with meditation and Buddhism and I have added this to my collection of images of the Buddha. I also "collected" a concrete statue of the Buddha that someone had abandoned at a gas station, here in New Jersey, USA some time ago.

I, too, would be interested in the symbolism of the right-hand gesture - if someone else out there can come up with it.


Susie said...

Yes i believe the right hand gesture is a way of transferring healing energy - i too have a version of this statue although not as tall x

TC [Girl] said...

Laurie said...
"Do you know the meaning of the gesture on the right hand?"

Apparently it symbolizes "great compassion."

eolake said...

Thanks, TCGirl. And Susie, Mark, Laurie.

Funny detail is that the fingers are actually *not* touching on my sculpture.

Thanks, Mark, I'm quite pleased with the photos. (My one flaw is lack of modesty. :-)
A good camera helps, as well as experience in getting a calm background and using daylight instead of flash (which gives harsh shadows).

TC [Girl] said...

Sure. Just finished watching 'The Shadow Effect.' Really good. "Warmly recommended." :-)

Judy said...

What a lovely statue! Thank you for sharing the story and the photos.

neeraj said...

"I have an idea that the thumb-middle finger connection helps some energy flows in meditation ..."

The idea is right, and it's not only especially true for meditation purposes.

It's true, "mudras" are mostly seen as just having symbolic meaning, but it's much more. "Mudra" is a sanskrit word, consisting of

- "mud" meaning "joy" as well as "gesture to please the gods", and

- "ra" meaning "that, which gives".

So, "mudra" means literally something like "that, which gives joy", and at the same time "pleasing the gods by this gesture". Mostly it's simply translated as "gesture", which is reduced to that what you see from the outside as it is done.

I'm not an expert in mudras at all, it's afaik a very old science of subtle energy technics with a lot of mysteries which will reveal after long practising, but as a bodyworker I've come to know and to use a few applications of them, connected with some knowing of acupressure from TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), giving myself some energy, in different forms with different mudras. It feels good, and you can do it in a natural way e.g. sitting in a bus, or watching a movie ...

Just experiment with it. (But not overdoing, you may unbalance your energy system. For beginners it's mostly harmless, you will find out what feels good.)

Important is HOW the fingers are touching: NOT with pressure, but just soft touching - maybe using a "pressure" like a gramophon needle touches a vinyl record, just a few grams ... this gives your touching fingers a very very small tension, the other fingers are totally relaxed.

At every fingertip we have some thousand nerve endings, and TCM uses the idea of meridian endings there. So, if fingertips are touching, energy circles of your Chi = your life energy are closed, helping to balance your energy system in different ways, depending on which circles you are closing.

And if you have ever practised Chi Kung or Tai Chi Chuan: It helps additionally if you open your elbows a little bit to the sides and relax your shoulders, so that your energy flowing in the fingers and arms is not blocked by your shoulders, and you can breathe better at the same time ...

The Indian branch I don't know very well, and also not the Tibetan one, and also not ... you'll find mudras all over East Asia, in many forms: static in statues, or dynamically changing in traditional dances.

BTW your statue is beautiful. Gives a beautiful atmosphere to your space, I suppose ;-)

eolake said...

Thanks, Neeraj.