Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Temple of the mind

Every man is the builder of a temple called his body.
           -- Henry David Thoreau

I think the Temple of the Mind is more important. And when you have built a really good one, you open it at the top to connect to the Temple Above. And you open it more and more as you learn. In the end, the temples are One.


Anonymous said...

In the end, very end, also the temple of the body is the same as that of the mind and that "Temple Above". You can feel so -and also kwow so- by practicing yoga, tai chi, or any other body-spiritual art that may fit you. But, may be, you can understand it by noting why your website is so perfect. It is because, dealing with the temple of the body (woman body), it also deals with the other two temples. Sorry for my english. Best regards from Argentina. Sebastián
(Thank you for your web cites.)

eolake said...

Thanks, Sebastián.