Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Money guilt

Most people have troubles or Guilt issues around money or giving. And many students of A Course In Miracles look for the answer there. But once again, the course is not concerned with behavior, only thought. (Because behavior in a non-existent world does not matter.)
Like Ken Wapnick says:

The specific behavior of giving or not giving is of no concern to the Holy Spirit. His agenda is only the content of the mind that has the power to choose to remember or forget its identity as mind. The crossroads in every situation consists in one road that leads to the guilt of the ego's thinking, and one that leads to the peace of the Holy Spirit. Whether you give or don't give, the ego's road is paved with the guilt that originates in the mind that chose the ego, not from the act of giving or withholding a hand-out. Likewise, choosing the Holy Spirit brings peace whether you give or not.

This is from the answer to question 1034 in the fabulous FACIM Outreach service. With the Course itself, with this service, and with The Disappearance Of The Universe, you have everything you need for your way out!

By the way, in case this invaluable web site should ever disappeare, a massive (5.5MB) PDF file has been made of the whole thing to secure the knowledge for the ages!
(The lines are long in the PDF. A good way to read it is with a reader which can re-flow the lines, such as GoodReader on the iPad.) (iPad is anyway a great way to read the Course and D.U. too. See my eReader site.)


Rodion said...

It's a very helpful site that i wasn't aware of.
Thanks a lot for a link and for PDF file. It's much easier to use than the site itself.

eolake said...

Thank you kindly.

Do tell your friends about my blog. :-)

Rodion said...

I certainly and happily will ...