Thursday, October 1, 2009

Very Important Books

A quick list of my own VIBs (very important books) from recent years:

The Disappearance Of The Universe.
The one-book-on-an-island-book. For my money, the clearest and simplest overview about what is the universe, what's wrong, and what can we do about it. (Preview.)

If there's more interest in A Course In Miracles, the lectures (his books are too dry for my taste)) of Ken Wapnick. Get MP3 CDs (at and an iPod.

Jed McKenna's three books for important things about imploding egos and the nature of Truth that nobody else tells you. This man does not sugarcoat anything. (He may be off on some details I suspect, but probably nothing major.) Read them in sequence, "Spiritual Enlightenment, the Damnedest Thing" is first.

Adyashanti's "The End of your World" (audio or paper, though the CDs are expensive) for understanding some of the mental and energy-phenomena which occur before and after awakening.

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