Sunday, May 3, 2009

Glimpsing Reality

Once again, Adyashanti has said something I needed to hear (in the book End Of Your World). This one also confirms long-time suspicions of mine.
He talked about how some people have mini-awakenings which are not permanent. They can be longer or shorter. And how it might even be so short as just "a snap of the fingers".
But that even that... Reality is so powerful that just such a glimpse can powerfully change somebody's life.
And start the ego falling apart for real.

Which is exactly what happened to me in 1986. I had a micro-second glimpse of something, and then fear kicked back so hard that it took me two decades to dig back to where I could start getting an overview of what had happened.
One of the effects, apart from the beginning of mystical experiences and the ego dismantling, was that I got in touch with a powerful Inspiration for my art.

I'd figured it out, but it's good to hear that it's a known phenomenon, this brief glimpse of Reality (Source).

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