Monday, February 9, 2009

On fear

"Depression is fear with hope removed."

"Denial of fear is the motivation underlying all activities in which humans engage."

Both by Jed McKenna

His books are really outstanding. Apart from DU, the most uncompromisingly non-dualistic ones I've read. And like DU, exceptional in being clear despite this. Other non-dualistic books I've tried to read have been nebulous at best.


Anonymous said...

One thing I found funny:

There is this question, whether a tree that falls down in forest without someone observing makes a noise or whether it doesn't: McKenna says it does while Arten and Pursah say it doesn't.

I say: who cares ?

eolake said...

You said it.

Another funny thing: Pursah says: "I promise not to argue", and then five seconds later when Gary has answered, she says: "and you'd be enormously wrong!" Geez. I wonder if it's supposed to be a joke. :-)