Friday, February 6, 2009

New documentary

I've added a second documentary to YouTube:
The Story of a Course In Miracles.

It is tricky and long to chop up 65 minutes' worth of documentary, encode them correctly, and upload them, but the first one had such great reception I wanted to put up this one too.

These seven parts are the first half-part, I hope to do the second half soon.
Update: all 16 parts there now. 

Buy the DVD at!


Anil said...

Thanks for putting up this documentary. Went through the first 5 installments. Very engaging.

Where/what is the source of the film ? Wonder if I can purchase it ?

eolake said...

Buy the DVD at!

Anonymous said...

ps. Not to be impertinent, but are they OK at that you've put up the entire thing on YouTube ? From another post that I read on your blog, it looks like you're in touch with Judith, et al, so I guess it must be OK. Regardless, thanks for taking the time and trouble. I will head to and purchase it.

eolake said...

My personal feeling is that they see it as a positive part in spreading the word, and indicated by the HS. Which I do too. Even from commercial standpoint, this sort of thing tends to generate sales for the original material.

Anil said...

Agreed. Am sure HS guides well :).

(On a tangential note, am working on that internally for my own life).

Many thanks again.
Just about to head into Part II (episode 8, in your sequence, I think).
Anyway, many thanks.