Saturday, September 13, 2008

On trains

I dreamed I was in Tokyo, and we were on our way home, and I got separated from my friends during a train change.
I continued merrily. After a long journey there was another train change, and then it began to occur to me that maybe I was not going in the right direction. After all I had no clue what or where anything was, and could not speak the language. So I asked a Japanese girl I'd been chatting up for help.
But then I met my teacher/boss. And he said to me: "did you know that in this place you can't get lost? Once you have your ticket, you're always on the right train to arrive at your destination."


marian said...

cool! did he happen to mention what it is that constitutes a ticket?

eolake said...

Probably a decision. I think we all have a ticket, otherwise we couldn't be on the train.

oliver said...

cool dream