Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Advanced books

I've been amazed to discover how many books there are these days in the non-duality/awakening arena.
But I'm also astounded to find out how advanced The Disappearance Of The Universe and A Course In Miracles are compared to them all.

None of the other books mention the most central facts.
  • They don't mention that the world does not exist at all, and so ultimately is irrelevant.
  • They don't mention that Source is the only thing which is real.
  • They don't mention the Guilt which keeps the world in place, and which is the reason it's so hard to evolve.
  • They don't mention how the world came to exist.
  • They don't mention the illusory Separation, and how everything in the wold is symbolic of it.
  • They rarely even mention fear, which is the biggest roadblock of all.
  • And of course they don't give any practical techniques for aiding your awakening.
Even taken separately, these are huge differences. Collectively they add up to night and day.


Brother Gi said...

Hey! I really like your blog! You hit the nail right on the head with this post, in pointing out the difference between ACIM and just about any other teaching out there. On the surface they may all sound very similar, but when it comes to actually working and producing real results, few pass the grade. I follow ACIM because it works, unlike almost everything else I've tried.

Peace, Brother!

marian said...

eolake, i think if you would do some serious reading of buddhist literature you'd find that everything in your list is actually mentioned, including the practical advice, with the exception of the whole guilt as prime cause idea. Guilt is dealt with, but not in the same way...