Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Handling emotional troubles

I got a tip from Carol Howe about how to deal with emotional troubles. Like depression, but I guess also anxiety and other things. I have fleshed it out with my own experiences and observations.

1: Disregard the explanations and theories you have about why it is like that. There is no reason in the world of Form.

2: Don't use any artificial buffers between you and the emotion. Don't indulge in any addictions or distractions. This includes anything you usually do when stressed, drugs, TV, drink, Internet, working hard, even just compulsive thinking... Anything can be an avoidance strategy.

3: Just experience it directly without reacting or backing off. Invite the feeling into your space with love.

It will heal fast. It may become harder momentarily, but it will be well worth it.

It seems to me that this works best if you do nothing else while doing it. Be alone in a quiet and semi-dark room, without distractions.

By the way, this works often with physical pain too.

Of course one may have to get off some addictions gradually so as not to get overwhelmed, this is just what to aim for.


kinofgod said...

Thanks for the great ACIM video's on youtube and I will checkout Carol Howe's book.
Sometimes I find a moderate amount of artificial buffers helps bring the emotion closer to the surface. Even though "they" say not to I find it relaxes me enough to be able to stop & deal. I'm sure I will find more about the topic in her book.

eolake said...

Obviously the real culprits are things like Prozac and heavy alcohol use. A singly drink or a cup of coffee will probably not block you much, I dunno.

kinofgod said...

Funny I was thinking of moderate amounts of alchol & pot, but now that you mention 'Prozac' I am on anti-depressents & mood stabalizers for bi-bolar disorder. I don't think that is what she was talking about though. Just goes to show you how we each take things differently, from different perspectives.