Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Not There

A friend said:
"However you look at it, it still sounds like something imperfect came from something perfect."

It's one of the most challenging points.
And I suspect it's one of those points which we simply have to give up understanding with human minds.
The good news is we may not stay human forever.

I also suspect it has something to do with The World not existing.
"There is no world" is one of the absolute statements of The Course, they say.
If you say it to a human, even bright ones like you and me, we'll say: "yeah, sure, I get it, but..." and thump a wall. We just know it is there.
But I have had several intense experiences of perceptions where I in a split-instant saw that the world (or a bit of it) was not there. *Really* not there. Not "sort of not there" or "ultimately not there", but totally, absolutely not there.
This brought hints of great relief, so I'm looking forward to more certainty and experience with this.


Anonymous said...

I had my first eposide like that recently,too. I was reading one of Wapnicks books and two of his thoughts (I don't remember which ones)...for a split second "sandwiched" my world. And for that split second there was nothing and everything.

Anonymous said...

I left the above comment.

eolake said...

Thank you very much.

By "sandwiched", do you mean collapsed?