Friday, January 19, 2018

Seeing this world for realsies

These days I’m a student of non-duality (nondualism). I believe that only one thing, god and ourselves, are real, nothing else is, including the physical world. It does not exist. And what is real is one thing, no divisions.

I actually got my first perception of it almost twenty years before I had even heard of the concept. I remember being at home and thinking about what it was I really really wanted.

I got the perception that what I wanted was... A Sort Of Warmth. I’m sure it’s the same as some call Love, some call Spirit, some call... so many things. I had always found it in beauty and art.

That day I looked for it in my mind’s eye in all of the universe, and I saw and felt that nothing there was it, and that nothing I looked for was even... solid. It did not feel real to me. It was not real.

But I could feel that this warmth was real, it was there somewhere, and I continued my quest for it.

Some call it God, some call it Infinity, some call it The Universe. I believe now what I’m taught, that one can gradually shift one’s attention from The World Of Form to The World Of God or Love, and eventually one will arrive there.

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