Thursday, June 25, 2015

The art mind

I always felt that art had a strong spiritual aspect. (To me it's almost obvious: we have a strong attraction to it, but it's not connected to the survival of the body. What's left? Spiritual communion.)
So I was happy to read this quote in Gary Renard's third book Love has forgotten No one.

PURSAH: That’s right. The people who get spirituality the most have always been the poets and other artists. Rumi, Goethe, people who are capable of grasping these grand, abstract ideas. The Course speaks on a much bigger level than most people realize at first. Yes, the application is done by a seeming individual, but the men and women who get it have to realize that there’s no such thing as an individual, except in a dream. That’s why artists, musicians, writers, or those who would like to be often do well with the Course. Then, as always, there are exceptions. Einstein was a scientist and could think like one. But he also had the mind of an artist. He loved music, and he could think in abstract terms like no other, understanding and communicating them to people who were ready to expand their awareness.

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