Saturday, February 14, 2015

Living in living fear

I found this on Yahoo answers. I find it amazing, extreme, funny, sad, and a bit enlightening (about how mad we are). (I've not edited spelling, I feel it's indicative of a person and education.)

I got my kevlar american body armor vest on but im still worried i feel more unsecure than befor? i be sleeping and going to the bathroom with my vest on i constantly got my hand on the bible , but in the back of my mind i know they comming,
i dont even know who they are anymore please tell me whats wrong, how can i overcome these feelings?

Best Answer (Asker's Choice):
 I suggest you get kevlar pants too. I had some specially made. I feel a whole lot better wearing them.

There were also several answers that he should seek help for his mind. I would have thought that the admission "i dont even know who they are anymore" would mean that he could see how irrational it was, but apparently not, for he chose kevlar pants as solution to his problems! Poor fella.

It is interesting that the more he protects himself, the more fearful he feels. Mentally and emotionally, defense causes attack, not vice versa.


Laurie said...

I guess it's funny in a way.
but let he who is without fear
cast the stone. How free of
fear of living are we? I send
him love.


Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Good point.
And I would not laugh at the person, but at the ideas. And lord knows I have crazy ideas of my own, the clearer I see, the more I spot of them, one wonders how we do anything at all.