Sunday, January 27, 2013

A row of piggy banks

[This is a continuation of the Iron Piggy Bank post.]

One can sometimes forget things which are important, just because they are not visible to the eye or to others.
So I think it might help to view one's investments of time an energy as being divided into different piggy banks:

  1. Money
  2. Family
  3. Status
  4. Health
And so on. Make as many as you like, and then later evaluate importance of each, more than once. Importance may shift a lot.
I think a very overlooked piggy bank is the one with the little brass label with says:

One of the problems, apart from invisibility, of this one is that there are no solid instructions on how to deposit into it! Or even what one is depositing.
Everybody has different instructions. Some believe if you go to church regularly, you'll be saved. Some believe that if you meditate regularly, that's it. Some believe that harmony with nature is essential for spirit.

I guess I can't make definite recommendations, I think that what is important will vary, not only from person to person, but from time to time. For example, at some time Art was the most central aspect of my spiritual development, and I do believe it moved me far. Later, a certain religious philosophy was hugely important to me, and though I've now left it, I think that probably it was just what I needed at that point, I think it gave me a lot of strength I needed, strength which I started using later when beginning to venture beyond the needs of Self and humanity.

Probably the important part is to never stop looking. Observe and search. If you are open to your intuition, guidance from above will slip in and you will feel what is important right now for your spiritual path.

This can take a lot of courage. As a prime example of that, it can be very difficult to step beyond one's earlier training, whether religious or otherwise, particularly when that training was gained in a strong group or family setting where one felt much support. It may feel like treason to move on, or one may simply be blind to the mere possibility of it.

But it is essential to keep moving forward, keep being willing to question one's beliefs, even the deepest ones, and to keep investing in the spirit piggy every day, even if it's just a penny sometimes.


TC [Girl] said...

Good advice to ponder, Eo. Thanks for your thoughts; I appreciate you sharing your insight. :-)

TC [Girl] said...
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