Monday, January 9, 2012

the "Zebra Personality"

Have you come across people, particularly various kinds of spiritual teachers, but also other kinds of leaders, who obviously have a lot of light and wisdom in them, but can also be nasty, vicious people? For example they will be very loyal to a friend, but if they decide that the friend have "betrayed" them, they will see him like the devil and treat him like caca.

I call them "zebra personalities". I see that in this lifetime they have made a jailbreak attempt from this world and the ego, and they made a very strong one and got very far, which is why they can be so inspired and inspiring.
But they only made it half the way. And because they are very strong people, their Ego is very strong too, and this sudden collision with The Light of Source made the ego freak out and go into super-high gear.

This mixes with the blessed part of their personality, and you get a person with almost no grey tones, only stripes of black and white. Thus the "zebra".

You would think that such light and such darkness could not co-exist in one person, and normally they can't, but we are talking about very rare, exceptionally strong and bright people, and they can hold together a functioning personality even though the conflicts between such strong light and darkness would tear a normal person apart.


Laurie said...

a mind like this can deceive many people. On a sheer energetic level they can be extremely inspiring, in the way, maybe, you feel inspired in an audience of turned-on people singing a national anthem.

Strong personalities are being dealt with in the Spirit; if our strong personality persists, and our "strength" is seen and known by many,
it is something to be very wary of.

beware of charisma

"It is on the Nothing in man
that God builds his greatest works."


Laurie said...

When someone has been completely humbled, emptied of self (ego),
then whoever stands in front of them
has the freedom to feel THEIR strength, THEIR beauty, instead of being bowled over by the charismatic one's energy. This is what I mean by that last quote. The immensity of the clarity and beauty of God, and God's wisdom, I feel, comes through the meek, the harmless, the emptied.


Laurie said...

I must also say, leaving judgment of personalities aside for a minute,
we have a notion of *kindness* and divine "love" that may actually hinder awakening, and may be serving to keep ego in comfort. I.e. we seek comfort from our friends and partners, but are very loathe to hear harder truths. It is also well known that beginners on the spiritual paths need milk, need spiritual comforts, gifts and compensations, but that those further along, and even much further, get only harshness and apparent rejection from the master. Zen stories abound in this phenomenon. Masters throwing students off the cliff etc.


Anonymous said...

Hello Eolake and Laurie. I only came across this page by accident. I first visited a website which I will not write here and took a personality test of 9 questions and came out as a Zebra after answering the questions with all genuineness. I am a 29yr old man and I had tears coming out of my eyes like a child because I had always known and felt those characteristics,strongly. I never had anyone growing up to really love me genuinely as I and my sister grew up with an uncle and had a terrible growing experience. I was born a muslim and I've always looked away when it comes to astrological talk. But I've also sneaked a peek in the Newspaper horoscope a few times to read about Taurus. I would really appreciate more information on this character as I have wasted a lot of years not knowing who I am and didn't have my parents growing up.

my name is Lekan