Saturday, November 12, 2011

"Live in the Now"?

In the wonderful show Dead Like Me, Georgia complains: "Everybody says Live In The Now."

And I too feel that it is pretty useless advice. For one thing, the Now is no more real than the past or the future. There is no Now. Time is imaginary like space and energy.

For another thing, if you can live in the Now, I'm sure you're already doing it. It's like saying: "just be happy".

Stupid as that sounds, thinking about it I realize that there are actually people who do give that advice. "What do you look so sour about, smile!" So you're supposed to look happy so they don't feel bad?

And people who insist that others should be happy are always at best white-washing their own unhappiness. Why else would they care? And white-washing don't hold out in the rain, sorry.

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