Sunday, October 2, 2011

Y's beautiful dream

My artist friend Y wrote this awesome dream to me. I’m almost envious of it. 

Y wrote:
I had a really strange and interesting dream.

I was back at a house where I grew up... except it was quite different.. and there were a lot of people there who I did not know or recognise, but it didn`t seem strange to me, as I was the age I am now, and I seemed to take it forgranted that they were living there in the present tense outside of my dream.

Anyway, it was night time, and dark outside, and we all were outside the kitchen door at the back garden.

I saw a faint glimmer of light in the sky, and began to look for it again.. no-one else had noticed it.. as I stood looking, I saw the most beautiful sight.. ( in my dream, I had decided that it was an alien space ship )... it was transparent with areas of flickering almost neon light, like a deep sea jelly fish, but it was in the shape of a Giant Manta Ray, and gracefully and slowly moving through the dark sky just as a Manta would move under water, with it`s long tail extended behind it. 

I kept telling other people to look, but they didn`t seem to be able to see it.. and they made jokes about me seeing things... But I felt so happy at being able to see this beautiful thing of wonder... this organic spaceship / creature... in all of its beauty.
Anyway, that's how the dream ended... with me just standing staring at this wonderous thing in the night sky, and feeling so privileged and happy.

- Y

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