Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Fear-based beings"

In my studies in recent years (centering around non-duality), I’m learning that change-resistance comes from Fear, and about how Fear is a *much* bigger component of us than we are aware of. You might virtually call us “fear-based beings" rather than “carbon-based beings”.

In Jed McKenna's second book, it is said that all human emotions are really variations of Fear, like white light going through a prism and appearing in different colors, though still having the same source. 


Anna said...


Anonymous said...

What you say here I think is the key to liberation, but who want to hear it? He or she would have to make an about turn at the deepest level of being and head into that fear. Love does this, because it would make all love, but human beings aren't composed yet of love.


eolake said...

No, but I think that when the human being has progressed enough, it can get to a point where it can see that "life" here is worse than the alternative.

Jed McKenna's image is of a burning apartment in a highrise. When the flames get close enough, you jump.

Laurie said...

Oh yes.

TC [Girl] said...

Here's what someone I admire, greatly, has to say about fear. Quite interesting pondering, I thought.